From the Owner

As the founder of Superior Shine, I believe that caring for our customer’s security, safety and property is paramount. I also believe that any legitimate business owner should carry the same conviction.

As a former full time, operator within my company, I have an intimate knowledge of the nuances, sensibilities, and positions from top to bottom. Through it all, this I’ve learned… Business at its core can be summed up in two words… Leadership & Stewardship. This concept can be difficult for many business owners to connect with and for most, it is very tough sledding. Putting short-term personal gratifications aside and focusing on the well-being of your customers and staff before your own is not easy. Most learn it’s not for them when they understand the challenges involved and the level of personal change leadership requires.

Please allow me to preface the following by asserting that I’m not picking on any one specific individual or company to gain an unfair advantage in the promotion of my own. Rather, it is my desire to educate consumers and homeowners by promoting an awareness of the pitfalls associated with allowing uninsured or underinsured, non-vetted, untrained, non-compliant and non-certified individuals and companies onto their property and in the door of their home.

Are we at Superior Shine perfect? Certainly not.
Do we strive for perfection every day? Absolutely!

Why You Should Know
Anyone can tell you they are licensed and insured but are they really? Anyone can tell you that they background check, but do they really? If so, are they doing it right? Do they have a published criterion of who they will and won’t let into your home or business? Anyone can email you an employee’s photo from their own dispatch or email system, but what can you really know about them other than what they look like?
Should a company or individual you hire ever have a work-related injury and/or cause damage at your home or property, the question of liability will quickly become the central focus.

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“It is the responsibility of the consumer and homeowner to perform due diligence when searching for a provider of services at their home regardless of industry.”[/highlight]

And, that’s just for injury and property liability!

Consumer Safety & Security
We frequently found serious problems with applicants working for competitors who advertised and claimed to background check their employees. I discovered that most providers claiming to background check their employees either did not actually perform these checks, did not do them correctly, or often did not care about the results. Consequently, recently-released violent criminals and even sex offenders were knowingly or unknowingly being sent into good people’s homes and businesses.

Most anyone can go to the local home improvement store, buy a pressure washer, squeegee, buckets, and soap, some iron-on shirt labels and start knocking on doors and call themselves a home services company. However, as they become tired of doing the work themselves, they can hire anyone they want to take their place in the field, without any requirement to properly verify those individual’s history and lifestyle choices. Over the last 22+ years in the industry, I have seen firsthand, homeowners who unknowingly allow very questionable individuals to work in and around their home. Due to the pressure associated with needing a warm body to fill a role, many employers will forgo vital steps and procedures in the recruiting and vetting chain.

Our Standard
At Superior Shine, we go above and beyond typical verification and vetting processes.
Our team members are hired through a multiple interaction meeting processes with the intention of retaining those who are teachable, honest, and joyful workers.
During the 1ST interaction meeting, we look at the potential candidate for the right character that will reflect our companies mission. After the 1st IM, we run an in-house background check which highlights the candidate’s previous 10 years. This background check includes criminal history as well as credit history. This is vital because an individual may interview well, but that doesn’t mean that first impressions are always correct. It takes a third-party vetting partner to find out if there is something else lurking.

If their background checks out, a 2nd interaction meeting is scheduled as soon as possible.
During the 2nd IM, we delve deeper into their character through a reaction vs. response questionnaire, highlighting hypothetical scenarios and whether they have been a mature contributor in past work experiences. This process also highlights what kind of life events they have had, or are currently going through and whether they can make tactful approaches towards interpersonal relationships. If we see positive symmetry and a consistent pattern of maturity, we then will schedule a 3rd interaction meeting.

The 3rd interaction meeting consists of us revisiting many subject-specific bullet-points from the previous IM’s to confirm consistency in presentation, mannerisms, and information.
This helps us to be sure that this prospect is all they’ve made themselves out to be. If at this point, we believe that we’ve got the strongest possible candidate, we submit their information to a third-party company we partner with.

~Our Mission~
To Provide A Superior Service Experience
Through Outstanding Stewardship And Technical Soundness.

The Seal

The Seal of Security & Confidence

The Seal help’s good companies differentiate themselves in a meaningful and verifiable way through a 3rd-party verification of licensing, insurance and national criminal background & sex offender checks. The goal is to help good companies and consumers avoid the price trap by marking quality service providers with our Seal of Security & Confidence. Today our team helps hundreds of clients across the nation build
and nurture their well-deserved reputation. – search now

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