Typically in spring, homeowners perform a lot of home maintenance. This often includes power washing their house that could have gotten quite dirty and dingy over the winter months. But throughout the course of regular home maintenance, homeowners often neglect the roof, which can appear quite dirty as well.

You might not always think that it is especially important to have your roof properly washed and cleaned, but you’d be surprised to discover that not only can a dirty roof result in damage to your home, but also that it isn’t just dirt you are seeing up there—it’s actually a fungus!

What Exactly is Making Your Roof Look Dirty?

Being exposed to the elements every day isn’t easy on a roof—sure, it was designed to withstand wind and weather and keep your home protected, but over time, it can take on an unsightly appearance, much the way you would if you were left standing out in the elements day after day.

And while the rain can often wash away much of the dirt and debris that collects on a roof, there are other substances that can dirty a roof and even damage it over time if professional roof washing is not performed. The most prevalent is a substance called gloeocapsa magma, which is a bacterium that develops and feeds off of the asphalt and limestone materials on your roof. The growth of the bacterium results in black stains that you may think is just a buildup of dirt but is actually algae that can easily spread.

Lichen can also develop on a roof—this combination of a fungus and algae can grow and stretch deep within the shingles of your roof, damaging them over time if left untreated. Moss can also appear on a roof if the roof is in an area that sees a lot of moisture and is not too exposed to sunlight.

How These Substances Can Damage a Roof

A loss of curb appeal from a dirty-looking roof is the least of your problems if the roof is left untreated. The algae, lichen, and moss can eat away at your shingles over time, causing them to rot and disintegrate. This wills severely reduce the lifespan of your roof and result in expensive repair or even the need for a new roof.

All types of roofs should undergo a roof washing cleaning at least once a year, including tile roofs made with cement, concrete, clay, stone, slate, and composite materials.

Roof washing professionals have the experience and the proper equipment to clean your roof from all of the dirt, debris, and damaging substances, helping to prolong the life of your roof and keep it functioning effectively.

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