Perfect Customer Quiz
Solutions that are biodegradable and eco-friendly are important to me.
Noise pollution coming from any company cleaning my home is my neighbor’s problem, not mine.
Responsive companies who answer their own phones, return calls quickly, and respond to emails in a timely manner are more appreciated and can create a much better experience for their customers.
I only want to hire companies who perform rigorous background checks & drug screenings so that I know my family and property is safe. *
A verbal guarantee from a company representative is just as good an investment and more enforceable than a written 5-year growth-free warranty on Roof SoftWash services.
A company that proactively provides a copy of their insurance and worker’s compensation information communicates that they are looking out for me and my family.
My lawn, ornamental landscaping, outdoor living spaces, and other exterior assets should be included in the planning process when a company provides cleaning services for my home.
Pressure washing my roof, stucco & EIFS surfaces, Hardie board siding, windows, and other delicate surfaces is a better choice than using specifically targeted SoftWash detergents to carefully dissolve the layers of organic growth safely.
Gently sanitizing my property with environmentally-friendly detergents is a better long-term solution than repeated high-pressure blasting over the lifetime of my property.
Authorized training programs, proper certifications, and continuing education in your field are unnecessary and certainly do not apply to people and companies caring for my largest asset.
What is the time table for the cleaning project you have in mind? *