About Us

Chattanooga’s Best Window Cleaner and More!

Our owner and founder, David Tyndale, has a genuine love for his customers and their needs.  It is his combined spirit of faith, family and focused direction that has allowed Superior Shine to be blessed to serve this community faithfully for 15 years.  Our reputation for excellence is a direct result of this man’s leadership and heart.  At Superior Shine, we proudly serve our community as a local, family-owned company.  Our customers are our main priority, not our profit.  And we strive to provide the best services available in the Chattanooga, TN and surrounding areas.  We would have never believed how much the business has grown over the past 15 years, but we are so grateful for it.

Meet Our Team


David & Karen Tyndale

Founders & Their Baby Boy Jaxon

David’s window cleaning and property care experience date back to the late 1990’s. He washed his first window at the age of eighteen and remained within the industry for several years. “This was a time when professional window cleaning certainly didn’t have a mainstream market, and the Yellow pages and home phones were the staple resource for communicating”. In 2004 David started his own window cleaning company and has grown his business through a belief in God, family support, and listening to his customers. He cares deeply about providing a genuine service experience. As a result of many years of hard work and his determination to achieve something bigger than himself, Superior Shine is now a successful, growing business in both the Residential and Commercial markets.

Amber Sandlin

General Manager / Communications Director

Amber was raised in Booneville, Kentucky. This small town upbringing has given her a real understanding of the important things in life… home, faith, family, generosity, kindness, hard work, integrity, and love. She is very close to her parents, her three younger sisters, and their families. Amber is also blessed to have a son and daughter of her own that make her so very proud each and every day.

In 1998, Amber moved to the Chattanooga area to earn her bachelor’s degree in Intercultural Studies. Since that time, she has endeavored to be a help to those around her and meet their needs in whatever way possible.  God has blessed Amber tremendously throughout her life.  She is constantly overwhelmed by His goodness to her.  Amber is very grateful for the opportunity to be part of the Superior Shine family and serve the community with this company.

Amelia Dennissee Rosado

Financial Officer & Controller

Amelia was born in Philadelphia, PA and raised in Toa Baja, Puerto Rico.  She has been blessed with two sons, three daughters, and a wonderful granddaughter.  Coming from a Hispanic heritage, faith and family are very dear to her.  Both have been a great strength to her throughout the years.

In 1989, Amelia obtained a degree in Elementary Education with a minor in Accounting.  Amelia relocated in 2017 from Puerto Rico due to Hurrican Maria.  This situation has turned out to be a total blessing for her and the family as the move to Tennessee opened the way for Amelia to join the Superior Shine family in November of 2017.   She has been a wonderful asset to our company even in her short time and we look forward to her continued presence on our team.

Jamaal Lundy

Operations Team Member

Earlier in 2017, Jamaal, his wife, and daughter welcomed another beautiful baby girl into their family.  A dedicated young man, Jamaal has served his community in the past as both a volunteer firefighter and a pharmacy technician.  He continues to serve others through his work at Superior Shine.  Jamaal is currently training to advance to a Supervisory Lead Technician and will be receiving his final certifications shortly.  “Go Vols!” (quoted from Jamaal)

Logan Williams

Operations Team Member

Currently studying business management / culinary skills at Chatt State, Logan’s dream is to one day serve others his amazing culinary creations.  The strength, encouragement, and support he draws from his close family ties is evidently a huge blessing in Logan’s life.  He continues to pass it forward to all those around him by continuing to be a helpful, caring individual to everyone he meets.  We are so pleased to have Logan on our team!

Ivan Rosario

Operations Team Member

Ivan and his childhood sweetheart, Jamelis, were married in September of 2018.  They met in Puerto Rico at school and continued a long-distance friendship when he moved to Boston as a teenager.  When hurricane Maria moved her family to the Ooltewah area, Ivan moved to be close to her.  The distance had only confirmed their connection and so they were married only a few short months later.  His wife continues her education at Southern Adventist University to become a physical education / Spanish teacher.  Ivan will enroll at Chatt State in 2019 to pursue his dream to become a physical therapist.  Together, they plan to one day open a sports academy to serve underprivileged children.  Superior Shine is blessed to have the Rosario family as part of our family.


Caleb Wooten

Assistant Technician / Marketing Design

A native of Ooltewah, Caleb has proven himself to be a wonderful addition to Superior Shine.  He has worked as an assistant technician for the past few years and recently showcased his design talents in creating marketing pieces which are being utilized in both the print and digital realm.  He has also been instrumental in assisting Superior Shine with beautiful generated video documentation and customer relations productions.  He is currently a student at Chatt State.

Rick Wooten

Supervisor / Lead Technician

Rick has been with Superior Shine since almost the founding of the company.  His commitment to the success of this company has been proven time and again as Rick has taken on projects outside of his normal duties to ensure the development and growth of Superior Shine.  We are appreciative of his input and years standing by our team.